Top 7 beauty tips for 2020

2019 has been a great year for the beauty industry with the introduction of new brands all geared towards promoting healthy skin and body.

Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas

Various awards schemes including the Glitz Style Awards introduced a category for the ‘indigenous beauty brand of the year’ celebrating the game changers in the business. Aside from patronising and using these products for healthy skin, here are 6 beauty tips and tricks every woman should follow for flawless skin in 2020.

Staying hydrated is the key to good health and well being. And drinking more water has amazing beauty benefits.

One of the health benefits of water includes promoting skin health and beauty. This will not only help you feel better but will also look after your complexion and make your skin appear more radiant. With dehydration, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and premature wrinkling. Don’t forget to carry water in your handbag whenever you step out.


Did you need that getting enough rest can save you money on cosmetic creams and painkillers? People underestimate the beauty benefits of sleep. It helps to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. When you get enough sleep, your skin can easily hold in water, which makes it look naturally beautiful. Try to get some snooze as much as you can. If you want to de-puff your tired eyes, try sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows.

Due to the side effects of cosmetic products in a long time, it’s always advisable to treat your skin regularly to hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities. Use kitchen ingredients for DIY but visit the spa once a while for professional treatment and pampering.


It’s true. You are what you eat. What goes into our bodies defines how we look on the outside. It is always important to eat a balanced diet and eat more fruits and vegetables while drinking more water to flawless skin and a healthy body and mind.

Appearance speaks volumes about an individual and branding is very important. However, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It applies everywhere even in the beauty industry. Less is more. Daily, you can wear less make to let your natural beauty shine through. Use a primer with a light foundation to achieve that simple, airbrushed look. If you are financially capable, you can opt for a micro-blading for a defined time to save you time every morning.

Using clean brushes and quality product and the perfect strokes of good makeup artists bring out a perfect look. Wash and dry your brushes at least once a week to avoid skin-related conditions like acne and blemishes.


To wash it thoroughly, get a gentle baby shampoo or facial wash and dilute it in water. Take your brush and swish it in the solution you made. After that, you can rinse it with cold water. Let the brush dry completely and store it.

Multi functional products are economically friendly on the pocket and portable to carry about on trips. It helps the makeup artiste to buy all the shades available to meet the needs of their clients. Also, individual learning to how to apply makeup can get al the necessary products and brushes.


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