Here are 8 smart ways to deal with a snoring partner

Having a snoring partner can be frustrating. Here are things both you and your sleeping partner can do.

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, but this becomes totally difficult with a snorer. Sleeping with one makes you lose an average of an hour’s sleep and this is not good for your health.

Here are things both you and your sleeping partner can do in such a situation:

Be understanding


Always remember that snoring is a medical condition, not a personal failing. Thus, getting angry may worsen your struggle to sleep. Simply keep calm and tune out, instead of focusing on the anger.

Roll the snoring partner over

Snoring sounds often happen when you lie on your back, as the base of your tongue collapse to the back wall of your throat. So, you can gently roll your snoring partner over on to their side, and wedge some pillows closely against their back. This is to ensure that your partner does not come back to their previous position.

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Make sure you have the right mattress


A comfortable mattress can help you get a good sleep even if your partner snores.

Change your pillows

People with allergies are most likely to be snorers. This is because their nasal passages regularly get congested. Thus, dust regularly and replace your pillows every six months. Your partner could also sleep on a thicker pillow.

Get a bigger bed

Having a tiny bed can be really frustrating when having a snoring partner. You may have a comfortable sleep with a wider bed instead as the space between you two will not be limited.


Wear earplugs

Earplugs are one of the effective ways of handling snoring. Basic earplugs can often work for you. But you can buy specialist earplugs that fight the low-frequency snoring sound.

Get blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are effective as they block both natural and artificial light from outside, hence no distraction.

Sleep separately


If the snoring continues to bother you, and all the above suggestions do not work, consider sleeping separately.


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