3 realistic goals you can set at work and how to achieve them

If you find it difficult to set career goals, start with these three. Read on.

To achieve your dreams, you have to set realistic goals.

Have you ever asked yourself what your goals are? What are you doing presently to achieve the goals? If you have a job now and you’re not asking yourself serious questions like these, you're probably not working towards any goal.

However, setting goals isn’t haphazard. It's something you plan for; and the goals have to be realistic. Otherwise, you’re just building a castle in the air.

Here are four realistic and attainable goals you can plan for and easily meet.


You might think it’s not so necessary to establish close friendship with your colleagues because you guys are co-workers and you see one another every day. Work friendships can evolve into some life-changing opportunities when you get yourself endeared to a colleague. Besides, you never know the kind of connection a colleague has if you don’t get close to him/her.


Getting a mentor might seem challenging but if you get the right one, you’ll never regret you make a decision to have someone to guide you career-wise. 

If there’s anyone you look up to in your workplace, someone you believe is skilled, highly experienced and has loads of connections, you can seek such person out as your mentor. This might just be all you need to realize your goals, because often time, we find it difficult to identify the areas where we need to improve, but with a mentor, you’ll find it easy to navigate the highs and lows of your job and career.

There’s always something to learn when you go out of your comfort zone. Attending events can help you sharpen your skills and bless you with new perspectives and approaches you can apply to reach the goals you set for yourself. 


Another thing you'll surely gain from attending events is that, it widens your scope, improves your experience, growth and even gets access to people that’ll inspire you to achieve more in your career.


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