Social media site reveals traffic control tool

Along with the announcement of Facebook’s This Day feature, the social media platform has announced the release of its Augmented Traffic Control tool under an open source licence.

Mark Zuckerberg

According to Facebook, the Augmented Traffic Control tool is designed to improve the delivery of content on under-performing networks by simulating various types of network connections, including 2G, Edge, 3G and LTE-4G.

This move is intended in order to give developers access as well a the software to speed up their apps and websites.

In a news post, Facebook said its engineers had specifically simulated the most common network connectivities in countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and the Philippines.

They then proceeded to test Facebook’s site and apps and adjust them to perform better on the slower networks.


Facebook revealed that it was making the tool available on its GitHub page in order to to give the open source community the same chance to improve on its ideas and innovate with their own.

“For a large percentage of people around the world, accessing Facebook requires connecting to a slower, less reliable wireless network. We want as many people as possible to be able to access our services at their full potential,” said the company, according to Telecompaper.

Back in February 2015, Facebook revealed improved features for its buying and selling model within groups.

According to the social media platform: “For Sale Group members can choose the “Sell” feature when creating a post. Members can add a description to what they’re selling, including a price and set a pick-up/delivery location. Sellers can also mark posts as ‘Available’ or ‘Sold’ and easily view their catalog of previous items sold.”

According to the company, “These new features are rolling out in the coming months across iOS, Android and web.”

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