READ:Dolce & Gabbana comes under fire as celebrities boycott fashion giant!

The brand recently released the shoe in the Spring 2016 collection titled "a declaration of love to Italy" on the Dolce & Gabbana website with the description "Bianca" at retail price of $2,395.

The luxury brand is not new to getting backlash for their 'stunts' as they've being dragged by clients, celebrities and people in recent times for their 'offensive' strategies.


In 2012, the brand received a backlash over a collection of rather racist pieces and earrings on the runway which they explained as having a historical and cultural context behind what they titled the "blackamoor" imagery.

Last year, the brand's creative director made anti-IVF comments that outraged people and a lo of celebrities who boycotted the brand for a while after which the brand apologised for.

Their spring 2016 runway show also stirred controversy for the obvious Chinese-inspired outfits worn exclusively by Asian models!

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The brand sure knows how to court controversies, whether this is a marketing ploy or not do you think this should go on?