Do you clothes make you look fatter than you actually are? Or do you just wish you looked thinner in that dress? According to there are ways to look 10 pounds thinner than you actually are.

Here are some tips that thinner and smarter look.

1. Start with the butt - Your bottom and hips will always look thinner when you are dressed in a solid colour and it doesn't even have to be black it can be a beautiful incandescent hot pink if you like but solids tend to slim where other patterns don't. Now a lot of us don't go around wearing patterned pants but a lot of us wear patterned dresses and skirts - so be warned.

2. De-emphasize your waist - If you are trying to deemphasize your waist and or your middle then avoid crop jackets because they break up your natural lines rather than help you create long, lean lines.

3. Smaller bust - if you are small busted then try for some wrap shirts, which will give you the illusion of a bigger bust and smaller waist.

4. Big hips - go for some flat front pants, which are always a winner.

5. Big hips - don't be afraid to go for a black pencil skirt with black hose. It will make your hips do a disappearing act.

6. Big Bust - avoid lighter colours on top for they will over-emphasize your bust size and go for a geometric-shaped top with a slim pant and you will have a more balanced look.

7. Trying to play up your waist - try a slightly raised waist that tends to make the torso look narrower and a flared skirt which also makes the waist look narrower.

8. Unless you are a super model avoid horizontal stripes.

9. Only buy a pleated skirt if the pleats are stitched down and don't bunch up at the waist adding thickness.

Source: By Akosua Beatrice