Aku Shika Fashion House is the first to introduce a Harmattan/Winter collection to the world.

The motivation behind this as revealed by Aku Sika, the brain behind the designs is because, they needed to let the world know that, even though west Africa does not experience so many seasons, but they possess their own which is the harmattan season that needs to recognized.

Aku Shika further added that, they also wanted to be different from the normal SS collections, fall and winter collections,etc. So they decided to introduce the Harmattan/Winter collection.

Not to also forget that they both start at around the same time. From November, December to January and then winter continues.

Popular photographer, @1grandberry was behind the lens, whiles #cjzmakeover took charge of the face beat(make-up). The designs as observed is modeled by @Tashacheekz.

Elaborating on what inspired this collection, she revealed, they wanted to go into something different this time, aside the normal blazers that her brand specializes in. They wanted the world to see, they are a Versatile fashion house based in Ghana.

@blazerbyakushika is a leading brand that specializes in Blazers and Bespoke tailor made suits headed by a female (Miss Natasha Naa Aku Shika Brown).

What you need to Know about Aku Shika Fashion House

The company name is Aku Shika Fashion House and under that, @blazerbyakushika is just one of the two products they have so far. It took two months to get the collection ready The brand has been in existence for up to four years now.