4 smart ways to clean suede shoes

June 9th 2022, 11:42:53 am

Did you have your suede shoes stepped on? Or maybe your brown or beige suede got a little scuffed? Well, that’s the price you pay for opting for suede.

Suede Shoes

Suede may be a little more delicate than leather, but cleaning and caring for suede shoes is a lot easier than you think.

Because of the spongy nature of suede shoes, they get grubby which is quite difficult to get rid of. Whether your shoes gets stepped on by people or or your pets, suede will become dirty over time and will need to be cleaned.

In this guide, we look at how to care for and clean your suede shoes to help keep them in prime condition for longer.

1. Use Protectant Spray

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Applying protectant spray widely famed as 'suede spray' has a way of getting rid of the dirt on your suede shoes leaving it in a sparkling state. Use a spray that is indicated for fine leathers and suede in particular, and carefully follow the directions.

2.Steam Them

Try using steam and a suede brush in getting rid of dirts or removing marks from your shoes. All you have to do is grab an iron or kettle, heat that sucker up, and hold your kicks over the steam issuing out. after which you have it cleaned normally like any shoe with a suede brush.

3.Dry Brush

You need to own a suede if you own a suede shoe. Opt for a dry brush with fine, natural horsehair bristles for frequent cleaning and stain removal..

4.Storage Well

Because suede is a natural material, you need to take additional care when storing it for the season. Go for a fabric bag over a plastic bag to preserve it from dust or having it get grubby while still allowing for proper air circulation.

Daniel Nti
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