5 Cardinal rules to looking like the ultimate rich girl

The likes of the Kardashians, Beyonce never fail to keep us glued to fashion magazines.


Ever looked at people and wonder how they manage to look so simple, but so rich?

The likes of the Kardashians, Beyonce never fail to keep us glued to fashion magazines.

Their hair to their toes just defines money, even if you read the bodycon dress Kim Kardashian is rocking is about $9, she just tends to pull of the ‘millionaire’ look.

Listen up, here are the rules to follow to achieve the luxe chic look;


Rule 1: Neutrals always look elevated - Kim Kardashian & Micah Gianneli are one of the style icons that never fail to represent the wealthy and polished vibe.

Have you ever noticed that they keep to a particular colour palette, Neutrals.

They never stray too far from a neutral colour palette, featuring soft, buttery tans, grays, browns, nudes and khakis.

Rule 2: Black on black on black - As a wise man once said 'All black everything'.

And boy, we couldn’t agree more if we do say so ourselves.


If you are gunning for ultimate ‘millionaire babe’ glam, wearing black from head to toe with some bold accessories to break up the monotone is the answer.

Rule 3: Stay pointed, or strapped - The best shoes to rock to get the upscale luxe chic appearance, are either pointy toe shoes or strappy sandals.

Apart from the fact that pointy toe shoes are a staple from the luxury brand Christian Louboutin, they elongate your legs well.

Also, show a bit of skin by exposing those toes! Strappy sandals, lace-ups and peep toes are always a good idea.

Rule 4: Rose X Gold - Nothing screams 'rich' more than gold and rose gold chunky accessories, even if they are cheap.


So opt for gold or rose gold custom jewelry over the silvers/beaded ones.

Rule 5: Monotonous - Very similar to the 'black on black rule', but in this case, we are talking one of any colour from head to toe.

If the colour is not solid enough or is not a primary colour, the best way to wear it is by mixing it up in various shades.

So there you have it!

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