Smart-casual is otherwise known as the misunderstood middle ground between jeans and a t-shirt and a full suit. Previously it could be perfectly described as a leisure Friday, now the term comprises a new menswear dress code.

Today, doing smart casual well will help with traditional rules, looking out of place or being either under or over dressed. It’s ought to be smart enough to be appropriate in a formal situation yet stylish enough to make you fit in at the pub.

Although this look has it’s flaws, you don’t need to worry about them, because we’ve listed the key pieces that will help you find the perfect fit,  no matter the occasion:

1. The Jacket: A blazer is a sure bet, but get one you wouldn’t wear to work. Textured wool in light blue should do be fine. Versatile and easy to wear, it’s smart but not official, relaxed but not lazy. It will pair great with denim or trousers too.

2. The Trousers: When it comes to smart-casual, what you wear on your legs will be a result of what’s on top. Remember though, jeans are great as if they’re dark, clean, rip free and fitted.

3. The Shirt: Balancing between formal and relaxed perfectly, the classic Oxford shirt is a must for any wardrobe. Usually with a button-down collar, an Oxford looks great without a tie and, at the same time, retains a relaxed downtime feel when worn with one.

4. The Shoes: The most important part of an outfit, in terms of defining just how sharp it is. Ideally, get Chelsea boots with a rounded toe. Classic tan is perfect with navy/grey trousers and indigo jeans.

5. The Accessories: Get a watch that isn’t digital to finish the look, but it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Any of the affordable and stylish ones will work. If you’re carrying a bag, try a leather document holder instead of a rucksack. Finally, watch for your belt so it matches your shoe colour but not too much, so it reveals an eye for detail.

6. The Finishing Touches: The same things work for all outfits. Polish, brush or clean your shoes, iron your shirt and see if your jacket can work with a pocket square. It might seem stressful, but when it comes to an easy smart-casual look, these little details leave a lasting impression.

Let us know what you think of these tips below and any more tips you may have.