STYLE is an elegant way of dressing or manner of doing things. In Ghana today there are MEN who do not only run our country but have wardrobes and life styles that equal their prowess.They have styles that are bold but not over the top. When you see them and their belongings, you experience Classic in definition.John Dramani MahamaTHE PRESIDENT OF GHANA is known for his fine body with which he rocks his formal suits, northern ethnic clothing and casual wear. He has never been spotted wearing ill-fitting clothing. And the confidence with which he takes his steps also help in getting his looks remembered.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu AbabioTHE ASANTEHENE is one man who in spite of his very traditional position is always appropriately dressed for every occasion. The king wears the most colorful and sophisticated KENTE cloths whenever he goes traditional .

He is always seen in quality designer tuxedo, suits, club T-shirts for his night, formal and golf events respectively. Being the owner of the land of gold, talking about his jewelry and how artistic they are is just a norm. For me his choice of VEHICLE BRANDS tells a lot about his sophisticated style and elegant taste.

Cop. Kofi BoakyeTHE COMMANDER OF THE ASHANTI REGIONAL POLICE makes men in Uniform more attractive. He is known to always appear smart, effective and crisp in well-fitting clothing whether in uniform or mufti appreciating quality & designer labels. The fine police commissioner communicates AUTHORITY always with his STYLE.

Nana Asante Bediatuo

He is not just a successful legal practitioner, he is one of the gentlemen that brought liveliness to his profession through his looks. For Nana, good practice and fashion go hand in hand.

He only adopts fashion trends that are appropriate for his practice and therefore has created a great personal brand as a celebrity lawyer.A man who always is always seen with a handkerchief is a gentleman indeed.

Arcbishop Niclolas Duncan Williams

I bet a lot of the Young people heeded to the "Call" or "called" God themselves because his flamboyant look and lifestyle apart from his grace and powerful prayers made "ministry" attractive to them.

Michael Boadi Nyamekye (P.H.D)THE FOUNDER AND GENERAL OVERSEER of MAKERS HOUSE CHAPEL the fastest growing church in Ghana communicates his style with an elegant church building with first class interior and his choice of cars.

The edifice is fully air conditioned and has become the choicest place of worship for Christians who want to worship in comfort and and stylish environment. The building has attracted very prominent people so one is assured of classic association too.

Dr. Kwabena DuffuorIS FORMER GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF GHANA AND MINISTER OF FINANCE .THE FOUNDER OF THE HODA GROUP, owners of Star Assurance, Unibank, EIB Network and more is over 70 years and still has a nice fit in suits and rocks very trendy suit styles reserved for the Sir's.

He has been praised for his choice of neck ties and pocket squares which are almost always bright and brings energy to his aura. He is one senior citizen with style. Add Elegance to your looks and lifestyle.DO NOT JUST GET NOTICED,BE REMEMBERED.