10 biggest male fashion trends of the year

This year was huge for men’s fashion, as we saw a great boost in the men’s fashion industry. Not only that, but we also saw Nigerian men express range and diversity like never before


This year was huge for men’s fashion, as we saw a great boost in the men’s fashion industry with a lot more menswear designers emerging. Not only that, but we also saw Nigerian men express range and diversity like never before.

Gone are the days when Nigerian men only wore suits and baggy ones at that, now we have so many men not only going the fitted route but also trying out bespoke suits. In terms of diversity, we saw range in traditional designs, with men getting less traditional.

In essence, men stepped their game up on all fronts and became more concerned about their looks. To that effect, a lot of male fashion trends went viral in 2015 and we saw a great number of men taking fashion trends and making it their own.

Thus, the biggest male fashion trends of the year were selected based on popularity among the men folk. Also, we took into consideration how stylish the trends actually are and how they moved men’s style in Nigeria into a more creative space. Lastly, the trends had to have been diverse  enough to be worn to different kinds of  occasions.


Take a look at #PulseList 2015 roundoff of 10 biggest male fashion trends of the year below:

1.) Dashiki has to be one of the biggest fashion trends period. Actually, Dashiki is not only a male fashion trend but a fashion trend period. The trend is said to originate from Ghana but it’s since become a worldwide movement. Dashiki was so huge, we got Chris Brown on board. Its appeal to Nigerian men would have to be because of its level of comfortability in addition to its aesthetic appeal. The trend comes in a variety of designs. Now, the prints are being adapted to suit designs. When it comes to versatility, it’s a staple for any age group and any occasion. It also breaks the socio-economic barrier as both the upper and lower class can afford it. It’s an effortless stylish trend.

2.) Ripped jeans made a super huge bang this year. It was already somewhat popular among the ladies and abroad but gained massive attention this year with Nigerian men. No matter where you were, from Banana Island to Lagos Island, every other guy had ripped jeans on. Also, you could find them at social gatherings, church, even work too (depending on where you work). You know a trend is huge when kids and grand dads are asking about it!

3.) Cropped pants was a part of the new style awareness among Nigerian men. Back in the day, you would find Nigerian men wear trousers with multiple folds and creases at the ankles but that’s come to an end. Nigerian men are demanding for sharp looks and so we have precise hems and various folding techniques to help now.

4.) Bespoke suits is one of the products of Nigerian men beginning to pay attention to their looks. Once men realized they wanted to look smart, they started to source for fitted suits. Gradually, with the help of various emerging affordable and high end menswear designers, we took it to the next level and started seeking bespoke suits.


5.) Fedora hats was all the rave this year as the perfect fashion accessory to match all outfits. It was one of those universal statement pieces that completed every look and brought a look to life. The great thing about the Fedora is that it comes in various styles so just about every guy could find one that fits them.

6.) Cropped Agbada is probably the most unusual trend that caught on this year. No matter how progressive Nigerian men are becoming in their styles, they seem to stay relatively conservative with native outfits but this year men went wild. Not only did they crop their native attire pants but the Agbada as well, which looked smart and interesting.

7.) Zipper shirts probably spread really fast because they combined style and convenience. When you think of how hot Nigeria is, you really just want to wear something loose and comfortable and that’s what zipper shirts offer. They are the best way to get breeze flowing through your body without looking tacky.

8.) Skinny joggers also tow the line of comfortability. As a matter of fact, they were a style cheat because without putting any thought to your outfit, any man could put it on and immediately look casually stylish. It also came in a range of styles with zippers and cuts of different kinds.

9.) Gladiator sandals is one trend that was borrowed from women. Afterall, women have taken a lot from men style wise, it’s only fair we take something back. Thanks to the likes of P.O.C Lagos who made the trend popular, men have a variety of styles to choose from when getting gladiator sandals.


10.) Comfy clothes is really not about any one particular clothing piece. Rather, it was more of a fashion lifestyle trend. Most men tend to be unbothered with fashion and style and so they’ll much rather go for clothes that make them feel comfortable. So we’re talking about skinny joggers, tee shirts, sneakers and denim pants.

Let us know what your No. 1 trend from 2015 is.


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