Watch 100 yrs of lingerie in 3 mins! [Short Video]

Watch how lingerie style has evolved! It's a MUST WATCH

1995 lingerie fashion was sporty and sultry

Style (as has lingerie) has evolved over the years just like every other things that's ever evolving.

From 1915 to present day, lingerie style has evolved! (most definitely it has!) With trends coming and going each season, style is never static- If you missed '100 years of fashion in 2mins', catch it here- and this short video shows just that.

Lifestyle website Mode shows in a new video a hundred years of lingerie in a short video with lingerie fashion from the 1915 up to 2015.

From the 1920s flapper-chic camisoles to 1960s bombshell glam, it's almost unbelievable how much the styles have evolved over years.

Watch the decades of lingerie evolution in 3 mins above.


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