Unpopular Opinion: Efia Odo looked decent at the car wash; Y'all just can't handle her

Get over yourselves people! Efia Odo attended a car wash and not church service.

Efia Odo

Pent Hall Week was great but greatest of it all was our darling Efia Odo, who crowned the day with a proper car wash complemented by her fashion style on campus.

First off, Efia Odo is not your ‘average’ Ghanaian girl. Born and raised in the United States of America, one should expect certain things from her cultural upbringing which includes her style of dressing. Ever since she stepped on the Ghanaian entertainment scene, the backlash has been monotonous. But never has she let that get to her. She’s living her life and being herself. Plus 'showing y'all' some love too.

The hypocritical attitude of Ghanaians which portrays itself as prudish has most of you hating on Efia Odo for nothing. 


She came with a bang! Barely-there clothes, seductive poses, wild photo shoots concept and you lapped it all up. In fact, most of you wanted more, with all your thirsty comments under her post.

And guess what? You cannot ignore the fact that she has done something for herself. Despite what you think about her, the girl has a job. Two jobs actually. Just because she doesn’t fit into your box of how a ‘working class’ woman should look and act is your problem. Please stop offloading it on her.

Once again, this innocent (using the term loosely) girl was torn to shreds by the court of public opinion when her relationship failed. But everyone forgot that a man can be kept only when he wants to be kept. 


A lot of people came at her, particularly blaming her failed relationship on her choice of clothes. How does this even make sense?

Kweku Reveloe is a grown man who saw something he wants and went in for it. His inability to keep his end of the bargain in a relationship is his choice and solely his responsibility. Can we stop making excuse for men who fall short?


Now back to the real reason why I decided to pen down my thoughts today. In the context of her environment, I must say Efia Odo was ‘decently’ dressed for the carwash at Pentagon Hall Week on Saturday, March 2, 2019. 

She had on full pants aka biker shorts that most of you girls bashing her wear in town. So why the double standards?

The girl has small almost non-existent boobs and her bikini bra was perfect with a touch of Kente. Serving sauce (I mean raw sauce) and selling Ghana's culture to the world at equal measure. 

I don’t know why some of y’all (catching the Efia Odo accent fever) are shocked at her attire. Has she not worn skimpier things? Or was it because she did it at Pent?


I'm bemused that people are making a fuss out of a fully clad woman. Car washes get wet and I mean literally they do get wet. What’s wrong if the washer gets a little bit of water on herself?

Efia Odo, you looked ravishing at the car wash. Thanks for the massive donation for a good cause. God bless you.


There was zero nipple-flashing, no groping, a few twerk moves and a lot of wet and fun. None of the owners of the cars is also complaining of a dirty car. Isn’t that the starter pack for a charity car wash? 


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