Kimono style got redefined by this trio in the fashion game and you will love how they all rocked it.

Our Ghanaian female celebrities are ones not to be underestimated when it comes to fashion and style. Truth is, the own it!

If you always sidelined Kimonos to the Japanese, you better rethink because our style gems Hamamat, Deborah Vanessa and Selly Gally made it look our very own. The did it the Ghanaian way with very own Traditional cloth, Kente, and it's entirely ethereal.

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The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment which usually comes in full-length robes. The standard plural of the word kimono in English is kimonos, the unmarked Japanese plural kimono is also used. The kimono is always worn for important festivals or formal occasions. It is a formal style of clothing associated with politeness and good manners.

Deborah Vanessa

Ghanaian songstress and TV personality choose to go totally ethnic in her look for independence day and yes she did it Kente kimono and she looked beautiful. She matched it with some primitive braids which gave her a very an Afrocentric look.

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Hamamat Montia

The former beauty queen from Miss Malaika added some elegance to her Kimo which is made of wax print with its neckline in Kente Fabric. She cranked it up with a traditional headgear made of black hair-like crown and it was beautiful.

Selly Galley

The former BBA (Big Brother Africa) slain it also like she always does you can’t hate it not even the least. In a black silk full-length dress, she stuns in her Kimono. She also has its baseline made of Kente.