5 reasons why you should take up boxing

Boxing is a challenging full-body workout that offers a combination of cardio and strength training, it's also a great place to relieve stress.


Boxing used to be done just in the rings, but these people, both ,male and female, have discovered the benefits of this sport.

It is gradually becoming a fitness trend as it offers equal parts toning, anger management, and stress relief, the fact that it's the chosen sport of Victoria's Secret models does not hurt.

Thus, the following are the benefits of boxing and why everyone should start incorporating it into their workouts.

Just in case you are worried about having to go to the gym, don't, all you need is a pillow case, stuff your clothes into it and you have a good punching bag.


Also, you do not necessarily need to punch something to get the benefits of boxing, you can hold weights and punch in the air.


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