5 perfect substitutes for fresh pepper when cooking

What are the perfect substitutes for fresh peppers?

Perfect substitutes for fresh pepper [Serious eats/ Vicky wasik]

Fresh peppers are essential for most dishes, especially if you are African, since they add flavour to food, but what can you use if you don’t have them readily available?

Nigerians were bemoaning the rising costs of tomatoes, now peppers have followed suit with rising costs as well. Besides the increased cost of peppers, sometimes you might feel like experimenting with different tastes and textures.


Carrots have a sweet and peppery flavour with a crunchy texture that can easily substitute for fresh pepper. They provide essential nutrients like vitamin A and are perfect for stir-fry dishes and soups.

Instead of using fresh peppers, dried peppers are perfect for soups, stews, and anything else you would usually use pepper for. They are sold in markets, and sometimes you might need to soak them in water or simply blend them.


This vegetable can be used as a replacement for meat and even pepper because of its earthy and savoury flavour. Mushrooms add depth to any dish. They work well in stir-fries, sauces, and perfect fresh pepper replacements.


This is made from red peppers that are dried and smoked over an oak fire before they're ground, instead of simply being dried and ground. It offers a smoky, slightly sweet pepper flavour without the heat. They are great in stews, sauces if you are looking for that spiceness.

This includes Cameroon, cayenne, or fresh peppers that have been dried and ground into a fine powder. It’s way cheaper than the cost of fresh peppers.


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