Travelling by air may not be attractive during these times but rest assured your safety is the utmost concern of your pilots.

But these are 5 things a pilot knows and you should too before travelling by air. 

Book a morning flight if you are nervous about flying

Book a morning flight Book a morning flight

Thunderstorms are more likely to occur in the afternoon which could cause a mild panic attack especially if it’s your first time travelling.  

You should be worrying about updrafts, not turbulence

Updraft Updraft

Turbulences are just annoying, it’s flying into a massive updraft which could cause a crash. Updrafts are difficult to see at night and flying into one is like hitting a giant speed bump at 500 miles an hour. It throws everything up and down in the air very violently. Turbulences just bounces everyone around for a while. 

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This is why you shouldn’t use your electronics on the plane

Don't use mobile phones on a plane Don't use mobile phones on a plane

The waves could interfere with the aeroplane controls and affect readings. One plot talks about how placing calls right before landing can cause a false reading making him think they are higher than they are. It might also be difficult to hear when there’s an emergency if everyone is busily using their phones. Or worse get hit by a playing laptop going 200 miles per hour.

Most pilots are exhausted

Exhausted pilot Exhausted pilot

Their work rules allow them to be on a duty for 16 hours straight. That’s quite a long period without a break. And sometimes they are not well rested for a flight as expected because of horrible hospitality conditions at the hotels they put them in. Even lunch breaks are a struggle and they may have to delay a flight just to catch a meal. 

Insider secret about the job:

•  You won’t have many girlfriends as the ladies think you have.

•  You won’t be making as much as your family think.

•  And you certainly won’t have all that time your neighbours think you do