6 amazing dishes you can make with yam

With variety of delicacies to enjoy with yam, why should anyone be stuck with just one? Here are 6 dishes you can make with yam.

Yam is one super delicious food with a variety of recipes and delicacies to enjoy.

Like potatoes, yam is a healthy energy giving tuber that can be used to make all sorts of traditional and modern delicacies like pounded yam, yam porridge and a whole lot.

Here are 6 amazing dishes you can make with yam.


Yamarita is simply egg coated yam.

This meal which is easy to prepare combines the taste of fried yam and eggs, all in one bite.

Yamrita is made by dipping the sliced yams in seasoned whisked eggs before frying them. Very simple and delicious.

This super sweet delicacy, yam balls, take the form of scotch eggs, but in this case, it's got the fillings of meat pie, spring rolls, samosa, shawarma and similar snacks.


To prepare yam boils, the yam is first boiled and blended to make a mash of it. The mash is further used to wrap any kind of fillings you want, like veggies, shredded beef and the likes and the coated with eggs before deep frying.

To make baked yam and cheese, first, boil some slices of yam till it's soft and in a separate pot, make a sauce with assorted meats and veggies.

In a baking pan, spread the sauce and then spread the cooked yam on the sauce and add grated cheese on it. Bake till the cheese melts. Serve and enjoy the incredible taste of this delicacy.


Yam porridge is more like Jollof yam where cooking oil and other spices are used to make yam, unlike white yam that is just plain.

This about the simplest and most popular yam recipe to make. Boil yam, fry some eggs and eat together (more like rice and stew).

This a traditional way of eating yam. Boil the yam until it is soft. Pound the yam using a mortar and a pestle till it becomes fluffy and compact.


Serve with any soup of your choice and enjoy.

Like many other foods, yam has got a lot of awesome ways you can enjoy it. So, why should any one stick to one way, when there are several?

Explore more yam delicacies and enjoy.


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