First off the sand is good for your skin. It acts as a natural exfoliant and scrubs off dead skin.  This clears away acne and blackheads when the skin starts to breath. Listening to crashing waves can serve as a stress reliever. The soothing sounds lull you into a relaxed state which releases serotonin and dopamine. That’s why most machines to aid relaxation have ocean sounds.

You will also get in some exercise from walking on the beach alone. Because the sand is constantly shifting underneath your feet, you are going to use extra muscles to stay upright. This means it takes twice as much energy to walk on hard surface.

If these are not enough to get you running to the beach then, check out these top 5 beaches in Ghana and what makes them cool.

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Labadi Pleasure Beach is one of the coolest beaches in Ghana. Famous for its huge patronage by foreigners. La pleasure beach is approximately a 3 kilometer beach front bounded by various restaurants in-land and Atlantic sea. Very lively in the evenings with afro-beats and bonfires, it’s the perfect place for a funky night out.


Famous for its night beach, Tawala Beach also known as Bobo Beach is the sweet heaven for Rastafarians. Located down the La General Hospital road, its right in the center of the city hub and happens to be one of the coolest beaches in Ghana. Calm with good soul music, it’s great for a quite night out, just relaxing by the beach with your thoughts.

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This popular beach located between Korobite and Bortianor is suitable for tourist who want to get away from the bustle of Accra.  At high tides an island is created that needs to be reached by canoe. This adventurous trip to the main island where most activities take place is very exciting. Granted this makes Bojo Beach very cool aside all the fun activities. Be sure to pass through when heading to Kasoa.


The perfect beach for skiers, Ada Beach is one of the top attraction sites in the country. Located about 100 kilometers from Accra. Located at the coastal village of Ada at Dangme East District where, the Volta River empties into the sea. It’s popular for its water sports such as sailings, boat fishing and boat cruises.

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Bounded on the west by the fishing village of Dixcove, which was the original British strong hold called Fort Metal Cross. And the former Dutch fortress formerly called Fort Batenstein on the east. Makes it a huge tourist attraction in the Ahanta West District in Western Region.

A 30 kilometers drive form Sekondi-Takoradi, Busua beach is the ideal place to enjoy idyllic swimming in its clean waters. One of the top 5 beaches it is grace with numerous facilities to make your stay enjoyable.