You can get sentenced to death for drug and alcohol use in these 7 countries

Did you know that you can get sentenced to death for smoking, drinking, and using narcotics in some countries?

Countries with death sentence for drugs and alcohol [clearbrooktreatmentcenter]

While in many Western countries, these activities are considered personal freedoms, in some places they are punishable by law.

It's important to be aware of the laws and regulations of the country you are visiting to avoid any legal trouble.


Those caught with drugs may be forced to undergo government-run drug rehabilitation. Some drug-related offenses carry the punishment of execution.

Drug offences in Vietnam are considered grave. Those caught with more than 1.3 pounds of heroin may be executed.

Drug dealers in Malaysia can face the death penalty, and possession of narcotics can result in a fine, jail time, or deportation. Drinking and driving is also a serious offence.


According to Iran's Islamic Penal Code, drinking alcoholic beverages is punishable by 80 lashes, and if a person is convicted and sentenced three times, the punishment on the fourth time is death.

Selling hard drugs in Saudi Arabia almost always results in the death penalty. Alcohol consumption is prohibited, and possession or use of alcohol or narcotics can result in public flogging, fines, lengthy imprisonment, or death.


Even small amounts of narcotics in Singapore can lead to suspicions of drug dealing, which carries the death penalty.

Drug dealers in the Philippines can face the death penalty. Possession of more than a third of an ounce of a narcotic may be suspected of trafficking, which can also lead to the death penalty.


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