Mr Geoffrey Faddoul , managing director of DailyFood mentioned that this project is here to stay and the pledge for  Zero hunger and Zero food waste would be renewed every year on the National Pastry Day .

Chef Elijah Addo , founder of Food4all also added that their organization is very grateful for such a partnership with DailyFood and they hope this partnership goes a long way to eradicate hunger and feed as many people as possible .

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Mr Stephen Dombo , Director of NGOs under the Department of Social Welfare attested to the fact that Food4all is registration NGO under the laws of the Government of Ghana and their world have been acknowledged by the department. He also commended DailyFood for the hygienic and affordable pastries they have been producing for Ghana as a whole. The invited guests , media and bloggers were then taken for a tour at the DailyFood factory by the MD , a very big facility which is fully automated from start of production to the end .

The team moved on to make a donation to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital and the Rehabilitation center right after Agreement was signed . Patients were excited to receive Boss baker beefroll , chicken roll and cake and Mr Geoffrey promised them that this is going to be happening from time to time.