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DIY Recipes: How to grill Tilapia, a step by step guide

November 10th 2021, 1:25:00 pm

An evening with hot banku and grilled tilapia won’t be a bad idea.

Banku and grilled tilapia with hot pepper

Grilled tilapia is on high demand in Ghana. It is mostly served with banku and pepper sauce.


2 or 3 Whole Tilapia

2 or 3 tbsp Cooking oil


2 cloves Garlic


Hot pepper

Green Bell pepper

Seasoning cube/powder


Descale tilapia and remove any unwanted parts (gill covering and hard fins).

Wash and clean it

Cut 2 diagonal slits of each side of the fish

Wash and blend garlic, ginger, onion and pepper

Pour blended ingredients in a bowl and add oil, season and salt to taste

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Rub mixture over the fish( diagonal slits and inside of fish). You can keep fish in the fridge for an hour or more before grilling it or grill immediately.

When using an oven, pre-heat the oven. Sprinkle a little oil on the pan and place fish in a pan before putting it in the hot Oven. Grill tilapia for 5-10 mins on both sides. tilapia grilled

When using charcoal, brush the fish basket with oil and place fish in it. Place basket directly on top of charcoal fire and grill for 5-10mins on each side. Make sure to keep fish soft and moist with oil while grilling. You can as well use a microwave.

Garnish with green bell pepper and onion.

Serve grilled Tilapia with Banku, Fried rice and any food of choice.


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Berlinda Entsie

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