When a woman from the Eastern Region brings out her pots and ladles for an Aprapransa showdown, you know right away that she is about to ‘put her foot in it.’

Most of the Akan-speaking groups in the Eastern region serve Aprapransa for special occasions like marriage celebrations, naming ceremonies, family cookouts, birthday celebrations and anniversary commemorations of departed relatives.Aprapransa is made mainly from fresh or left-over palm nut soup and roasted corn flour . Whatever meat or fish you decide to use in the preparation is entirely a matter of preference. However, smoked fish is an excellent addition to the preparation of Aprapransa.

The best garnishing for Aprapransa is red kidney beans and king-sized crabs. If properly prepared, Aprapransa has an smooth texture, not very soft but not very hard either. Even though Aprapransa is usually served as a one-pot meal, it can also be served with a topping of thick palm nut soup.

In recent times, Aprapransa has re-emerged on Ghana’s culinary list.

It is mostly  served at buffets, reserved at the section  labelled ‘local dishes’ and even then, one can feel how special Aprapransa is from how jealously it is guarded by waiters/waitresses. Imagine how it would feel like if you knew how to prepare your own pot of Aprapransa, right where you live, without waiting for a wedding buffet. There is no need to go all the way home to your grandmother anytime you are craving Aprapransa. Watch this week’s episode of Onga’s Efie Aduane Series to learn how to make your very own sumptuous Aprapransa; just like grandma’s.