How to make the best yam balls in some very simple steps

Creating yam balls is an exciting journey into the heart of comfort food, blending the simplicity of yam with a burst of flavors that dance in your mouth.

Yam balls

This dish, perfect for snacks or side dishes, encapsulates the rich culinary heritage of Ghana with a modern twist. Here’s a quick guide to making your very own yam balls at home.

To make yam balls, you'll need the following ingredients:

  1. Yam
  2. Spices (to taste)
  3. Eggs
  4. Breadcrumbs
  5. Fillings (minced meat, fish, or vegetables) (optional)

Slice and boil


Peel your yam, and slice it into small cubes (this helps it to cook faster). Boil till they are evenly cooked and then drain the water

Mix and spice

Incorporate your spices into the mashed yam. Add beaten eggs to bind the mixture, ensuring the spices are evenly distributed for that mouthwatering taste.

Filling fun

Shape the mashed yam into balls, making a well in the center for your filling. This step is where you get creative, turning each yam ball into a surprise bite of delight.


Coat and fry

Dip the stuffed yam balls into beaten eggs, then roll them in breadcrumbs for that perfect crunch. Fry until golden brown, ensuring each ball is cooked to perfection.

Serve and enjoy

  • Serve hot with a side of spicy sauce or a cool dip. Enjoy the fusion of flavors and textures that make yam balls a must-try dish. You can also enjoy your yam balls with a cold beverage or even serve as a side dish or dessert.

This recipe not only offers a taste of Ghanaian cuisine but also invites experimentation. So, get your apron on and start rolling those yams.

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