This is why brings you the finest recipe in cooking our beloved Ghanaian waakye. A meal full of goodness that consists of a unique blend of both beans and rice that fills you up so well.If you haven’t tried waakye before you are missing out on some deliciousness in your life. Here’s a recipe you can try out at home just in case the waakye seller disappoints or you just want some homemade goodness of waakye.


2 cups of white rice

2 millet stalks1 cup of cowpea beans or red beansBeef,Cow skin (wele)Tomatoes, Onions, Ginger, Garlic, KpapkashitoVegetable oilBeef season, Maggi cubesSalt or other seasoning of choice


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Get rid of unwanted particles and wash beans and soak beans overnight to reduce the cooking time.Boil beans at a high temperature in a large saucepan with enough water. Wash millet stalks throughly and add to the boiling beans.Wash rice, drain water and remove the millet stalks before adding the rice to the beans when its cooked.Put salt and stir, leave to cook whiles frequently checking to ensure desired texture .

Procedure for Waakye Stew

The meat to be used must be washed, so you spice it up with a blended mix of garlic, ginger, and onion, salt, magi cube, other preferred seasoning as desired then cook. Blend tomatoes and kpakposhito, blend garlic, ginger and onion also and put aside. Put oil in saucepan and add chopped onions and fry, add blended garlic, ginger and onion mixture and fry till the onion turns golden brown. Put blended tomatoes and kapkpashito, stir and allow to cook for like 30 mins. Add the steamed meat with stock to the stew and allow to cook for about 10 minutes. Add salt, maggi, or seasoning as desired and allow to cook till desired dark brown color is reached. Check your salt. Serve stew with cooked waakye, spaghetti and stewed gari (optional) but recommended.