The egg and pepper meal, nkosua and mako as it is called in our local dialect is no strange meal to the people of Ghana.

However, the meal has got an image uplift with a new branding scheme. Egg and pepper is traditionally packaged in a plain piece of polythene by street hawkers .

The new branded form of this product is what is causing lots of conversation on Twitter as photos paint a whole different picture of a type of food that has been around in Ghana for a long time.

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The Twitter account of the persons behind this new initiative posted a photo of the meal packaged in mini disposable bowls and it got many expressing their new their opinions.

Some Twitter users worried about the pricing judging from the rich look of the meal but they were assured of affordable prices.

Ghanaian singers, Efya joined in the conversation after retweeting which cranked up the conversations up to a notch.

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