5 Weird African traditions that would scare you

In Africa, there are tons of cultural practices some of which are known, and many others that are unknown to the world.

Traditions and customs are some of the major things that distinct Africans the remaining part of the world.

These customs still exist in the remote parts of this continent, many years after civilization. These ethnic communities practice certain traditions that will leave you shocked.They signify different aspects of life within the continent like achieving a new status on the social ladder or coming of age.

Here are five of the most weird African Traditions brought to you by Pulse.com.gh 


In Tanzania and Kenya, the Samburu and the Maasai communities are regarded as the most hospitable. They would always welcome a visitor. These communities usually treat their guests with roasted meat. However, one may also, at times, be required to drink fresh blood either mixed in milk or oozing from a live animal.

2.Bull Jumping

In the Hamar tribe of Ethiopia, there is an interesting initiation tradition as well. A tradition that harms not only the boy, basically. Firstly, the female friends of the boy to take the test dance and get beated by their elders, until they have actual wounds on their bodies. This shows their loyalty to their friends. After that, the boy has to announce his manhood by stepping over 4 bulls and making 3 turns back and forth. Actually, the boy announces his manhood in all possible ways, since he has to do this naked.


When a girl becomes a teenager in the Surma tribe of Southern Sudan, she begins the process of lip stretching. The girl has her bottom teeth removed to make space for a lip plate, which is increased in size annually.

4.Banyankole’s ‘potency test

In Uganda, one’s aunt is not only expected  to advise a new bride but they also have to have sex with the groom as a ‘potency test’. Additionally, the aunt has to test the brides ‘purity’ before the bride and groom are allowed to consummate their marriage.Another tradition directs the aunts to prove the potency by listening in or watching as the couple engages in sexual intercourse.

5.The groom wears a veil

The Ahaggaren Tuaregs of Algeria are part of a larger group of Berber-speaking Tuaregs. In their culture, the men wear veils almost all the time. However, they can take their veils off when inside family camps or while traveling.


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