5 rules every solo traveller should obey

Announcing your presence with conspicuous accessories that might attract a petty thief.

Spending two or more days alone in a foreign land teaches you how to survive on your own.

If you want to have a successful vacation, here are five things you should mindful of for your own safety.

  • Don’t flout the local rules of etiquette

Before you decide to spend some days in another city, do quick research are rules and regulations of that country. Delves into the locals customs since ignorantly defying them will still attract a punishment.

  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry

When you go to Rome, do what the Romans do. I’m pretty sure there will be important occasions where you can wear your priceless accessories. Announcing your presence with conspicuous accessories that might attract a petty thief.

  • Don’t be weighed down by luggage

Quick travelling tip; always travel light. Pack all your things into one wheeled carry-on and a handbag that straps to my body so that at least one hand is free at all times.

  • Don’t place your handbag on the ground

You can’t be too careful. Never forget a minute that you’re alone on a different soil. Always protect your valuables especially your bag whenever you step out to shop or tour around the city. Carry your cash, credit cards, and passport not in your handbag but on your person, in an interior pocket.

  • Don’t end up alone on a dark street

It’s advisable to head back to the hotel before sunset. Book a hotel in the center of town where you can safely leave and return without any risk. Never leave your hotel without its business card in your pocket.


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