Consider this romantic recipe for that special someone this Valentine's Day. This very recipe is the most heart-fluttering Valentine gift you could surprise your partner with in bed as breakfast.


  • 4 Vienna sausages (long Wieners)
  • 4 eggs (M or L)
  • coconut/olive oil

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vals day recipe
vals day recipe


1.Begin with cutting the sausage lengthwise, leaving 2 cm on one side untouched. The sausages have to be long enough to make a heart shape out of them.

2.Now take the ends (where the sausage has been cut) and pull them apart towards the bottom until they touch each other on the opposite sides. Take a toothpick and place it through to keep the sausage heart together.

3.The heart is fixed now so you can prepare the non-sticking pan. Drop some coconut or olive oil in and heat it. 

4.Add the heart-shaped sausages (I made 2 at a time) and fry them for 2 minutes. Next, crack an egg and carefully let it pour inside the sausage-heart in the pan. 

5.Use a wooden spoon to gently press the sausage down to the pan, so that the egg doesn’t “escape”. Season well and cover for a couple of minutes or until the eggs are set.

6.Finally, transfer the hearts carefully to the plate. They should simply slide out of the pan, but you can also help yourself with a pancake spatula.

 7.Now remove the toothpicks and smile at your masterpiece. Serve the “sausage-egg hearts” with different dips or vegetables and some toasted bread.