It is one dish that does not have a war with any other country as Jollof does. When a post is made about Jollof, Nigerians and Senegalese creep in. Waakye has been standalone.

The Ghanaian delicacy is also one of the few foods that have stood the test of time with its ‘ahaban’ (leaf) packaging in a time where most foods have succumbed to the pressure of plastics.

When folks in Ghana saw their love of a food trapped in a jar, the gorgeous new look of their favourite dish did not deter them from trying to save almighty Waakye.

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From puns to amazingly humorous comments, the trend ended in a campaign to save Waakye because #WaakyeLivesMatter. Following the theme of the popular #BlackLivesMatter (and a very serious campaign that is), here are some comments around saving Waakye in Ghana.