Waist training is a practice of wearing cinchers, girdles, corsets and body shapers either for a few minutes, hours or all day in order to change the shape of one's waist.

Some women wear to enhance their shape beneath clothes, to exercise while others who consider exercises too much work simply wear it.While half the women who use waist trainers give up before they even achieve any results, the other half just don’t know when to stop. Waist trainers work by slowly deforming the bones and displacing some of the organs in the body, many health professionals say this practice is not healthy, and certainly is not a weight loss technique. Believers of the waist training religion however, argue that the tightness of the waist trainer makes you sweat a lot hence, leading to weigh loss around the waist region and body in general. The fact however remains that it's really not possible to perspire so much that you shave inches off your midsection in any permanent way.

However, before you decide to join or not to join the waist training train, check out the health hazards of waist trainers.

The right way to shed pounds around your belly remains eating healthy, exercising and being active on a regular basis, so, avoid this trend as the negative effects on your health are not worth it.