How to improve your life by 100%

Have you ever imagined living that beautiful life you always dreamed of? The stress-free one, the one with many vacations and big cheques?... Many of us dream of having a life of peace of mind and freedom but for most of us, it seems this reality is far from being reached, well the good news about life is once you are still in the game you can still change the rules of the game. Your life is shaped by what you do every day and the habits you continually indulge in, so if you are not moving forward it means there are one or two things you ought to change. See life-like a stream flowing, you cannot carry the water bucket by bucket to the sea of success unless you change the path which the water is flowing to the sea.

Good Life

Certain habits are causing this stream of our life to be blocked and are preventing you from achieving the full potential of your life, removing these habits will ensure that your life flows directly to where it was destined to be, so we should bear in mind that no one is responsible for your success but only you.

There are a hundred and one habits but the ones discussed cut across and usually are looked over but they cause more harm than the rest. Some of these habits are ;

1. Comparing yourself to others.

This habit is one of the first things you ought to stop, when you compare yourself to others you are not making any progress but looking down on the progress you have made. You outline the strengths of someone and compare them to your weaknesses, this will always result in you being on the negative side, and in the long run, you will give up on yourself blocking you from reaching the sea of success.

2. Procrastination.

Procrastination, as we all know, is the thieve of time, time is all life is about when your time ends your life ends so you need to watch out for someone who is stealing your time. In a real sense, procrastination doesn’t steal time, it is the lazy man who gives his time to procrastination. Never put to tomorrow what you can do today, tomorrow isn’t even promised so why trust in it? do your best today, rest, and do the same tomorrow. That’s how to get the most out of your time and your life.

3. Downplaying yourself.

Hope you remember I said life is a game and once you have time you can still change the rules, but how can you win a game when you are faced down in the mud. Most of us mistaken modesty for what it is not, don’t say you cannot do it until you have tried, you cannot achieve anything acting like the weakest person on earth, yes people will pity you but life and situations will not. You ought to get strong, you have to think positively.

4. Putting first things first (Prioritize well)

Your life depends on how you use time, a bad life is gotten when time is used wrongly and a good one when time is used very well, actually you cannot use something that you haven’t planned to use well so planning is very necessary for achieving full use of your life. Also, you must put first things first, health before wealth, knowledge before action, and many others, you can’t waste valuable time just trying and testing with your life.

The title of the write-up is an understatement of how much you can improve your life, these habits must first be dropped and good ones picked so in the process you can journey to the future set for you. You must remember some habits weigh you down and others give you a boost, so it is up to you to choose the life you want by the habits you pick.

Samuel Hesse

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