How to keep external influence away from your marriage

Though you both belong to families, your family members are not allowed to interfere with any issue that might arise in your marriage.

External Influence in Marriage

Marriage is a solemn arrangement between two imperfect people, who are bound by love and discipline.

Couples should not invite any external influence whenever there is a challenge. The best thing to do, is to get an unbiased mentor. Your religious leader preferably.

Here are some tips that can help you.

1. Walk and talk as a team: You seized to live for yourself, when you got married. When you both present a united front, there will be no room for interference. During arguments, always remember that you both want the best for the marriage.


2. Don’t give room: Do not give room for suggestions or advice on how to deal with women or men. They are based on personal experience that sometimes do not count. No-one should tell you how to run your home.

3. Make decisions together: When every decision regarding your marriage and family is made together and you are both in agreement, there will be no room for people to say they want to interfere.

4. Communicate: Talk! Talk !! Talk!!!  Let your spouse know when you have concerns so that you can address them together. Do not allow negative words or advice from those outside to take root in you. The best way to root it out is to communicate with your spouse on everything. Yes! Everything.

5. Settle every dispute: Do not let disputes linger. It creates cracks and gives room for people to come in. Discuss and resolve every issue when you are alone, and not in the presence of friends, family or kids.

6. Get a mentor: This should be someone who will not take sides, judge or bad mouth your spouse. This person should be a religious leader who can pray for and hold you accountable. He or she should be someone you respect.


7. Do not bad mouth: Never talk negatively about your spouse anywhere, or for whatever reason. It might come back to haunt you.

8. Set Boundaries: Your family members and in-laws should be welcome in your home always, but you have to know when and where to draw the line, when it comes to delving into your marriage matters.


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