British carmaker gets approval for special dancing motion detector

Car owners may soon have to unlock their doors by dancing to a song.

Range Rover

Car owners, listen up!

Jaguar Land Rover has received approval for a special motion sensor system.

With this system, you can unlock your doors by dancing a unique sequence of movements instead of the old boring way.

The patent below was filed with the US patent office.

It shows that the carmaker intends to create a system that can detect movements, compare them to a sequence of movements stored on the car’s computer, and then lock or unlock doors accordingly.

I think it is a great idea and it shows growth for technology.

However, i think it might be exhausting to dance every time you want to unlock your doors.

I recommend making it an option, so, the car owner can chose to dance whenever he or she wants.

This comes after the British carmaker launched the new 2016 Evoque Convertible, which works in water, and on land

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