Marriage proposals, it is still romantic if its not the man popping the question?.

Traditionally, the unmarried woman in a long-term relationship panicking over whether or not she’ll be left on the shelf gets the opportunity to propose to a man in an extremely brief timeframe: a mere 24-hours once every four years on 29 February.

The leap year proposal tradition provides a rare chance for the woman to express her love and affection to her partner and if lucky, transforms into a blissful marriage.

While it might be weird and breaking tradition for a man to wear engagement ring on his middle after he accepts the proposal, there are other ways to get around this.

The woman can propose with something worthy, cheap and for everyday use.

Here are five alternative engagement gifts to give to a man that will be sure to sweeten the deal.

Not only will an elegant timeless piece upgrade his wrist for the rest of his life, it’s also going to look superb poking out from under the sleeve of his wedding day suit.

Customised bracelets are rivalling watches as the most popular item on a man's wrist. Either keep things simple with something sleek and silver or go for something studded with a masculine blue or black diamond.

If your partner is a fan of shoes, a pair of aspa footwear might just be the most romantic thing you can give him to match with a t-shirtkaftan top with embroidery or jacket.