Shopping for your man on Valentines Day can be tough. Its very difficult and tiring to find the gift that perfectly captures your love for him, without getting too cheesy.

Don't worry, has you covered. With these gifts  from the sentimental to the techy your husband-to-be may just call Valentine's Day his new favorite holiday.

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Below are 5 gift ideas for your man

1. Mens Gift Set

Heat things up, and keep his drawer stocked, with these classic ties.

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2. Couples Love Mugs

He'll be head over heals for a pair of couple's love mugs inscribed with " I Love you more".

3. Promado watch

He'll never have an excuse for being late to date night again once you give him this Promado Watch.

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4. Premium Leather Mens Wallet

Surprise him with latest stylish men's wallet and you'll be reminded each time he get money.

5. ASOS 3pack T-Shirts

These T-shirts are designed to be extremely comfy suitable for him and eye candy for you.