However, a deleted scene from an early edit of the movie which is available on the official Infinity Saga home release and which has been doing the rounds on social media reveals that Odin's storyline in Ragnarok was originally very different.

A sequence was filmed but ultimately cut from Ragnarok which would have had these events play out somewhat differently. Rather than tracking down their father in Norway, Thor and Loki would have found him living on the streets of New York City, rambling incoherently about Ragnarok, with no real memory of his life in Asgard after being secretly dethroned by Loki.

In Thor Ragnarok's Deleted Scene Hela kills Odin on the streets of NYC. Why So Serious ! (@SurrealZak)

In this footage, Odin imbued Thor with his own godlike powers before being murdered by Hela a much more violent end to his character, which would stoke up a hell of a lot more animosity towards the villain from both the protagonist and the audience. Frames from this scene were also used in the original trailer for the movie; specifically, the moment where Hela destroys Thor's hammer in a dingy alley (in the final cut, this takes place on the hillside).

Now that the multiverse is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this alternate ending to Odin's story could be interpreted as having happened in a different timeline.