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Sex & Relationships Can you have a totally hands-free orgasm? The erotic hypnosis community thinks so

"Don't worry about anything. This is going to be a sensual, sexual, and relaxing audio experience," the voice says before instructing the listener to lie down and get themselves comfortable.

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Can You Have a Totally Hands-Free Orgasm? The Erotic Hypnosis Community Thinks So play

Can You Have a Totally Hands-Free Orgasm? The Erotic Hypnosis Community Thinks So

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Inside the internet's eternal quest to discover the secret to sexual bliss— without moving a muscle

"Don't worry about anything. This is going to be a sensual, sexual, and relaxing audio experience," the voice says before instructing the listener to lie down and get themselves comfortable.

She then guides the listener through a fairly standard meditation and deep breathing exercise. It's fairly SFW until around the 13-minute mark, when the speaker says she's on the other side of an unlocked gate.

"I am standing there, naked, smiling at you, holding my hand out to you. I want you," she says before offering the listener oral sex. For a few minutes, she narrates the action, talking dirty between making semi-comical slurping sounds ("in reality she was just eating some good-ass ramen noodles," one commenter wrote).

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The 36-minute clip on YouTube, which has more than 3 million views, is an example of an erotic hypnosis video. Part audio porn, part ASMR video, erotic hypnosis is exploding on the internet, due in part to a thriving social media-based community on the eternal quest for a hands-free orgasm.

Man's desire to disrupt conventional means of self-pleasure cannot be underestimated: that's why there's a cottage industry of elaborate sex contraptions, from Fleshlights to Real Dolls, that promise to provide a more intense, efficient climax.

Even though most guys will probably say that they’re totally fine just using their hands, that hasn't stopped some men from asking themselves: what if you could give yourself an orgasm without touching yourself or penetrating anything?

The preoccupation with the hands-free orgasm predates the internet. "Hypnofetishism," as it's also called, has its roots in the BDSM community, where erotic hypnosis can be used as a tool for power exchange during role play.

If you spend some time going through the annals of YouTube, you may come across videos of old-school "hypnodommes” like Isabella Valentine or Annabel Fatale, who make a living selling erotic hypnosis tapes on the internet.

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These people aren't usually licensed hypnotherapists, but they've cultivated their own cult followings anyway. (Today, there are a huge number of amateurs doing the same thing for free on YouTube and on audio-porn repositories like r/GoneWildAudio.)

Basically, it works like this: a hypnotist uses their voice to induce the listener into a trance. After that, they'll switch up their tone into something more lascivious, and create a so-called "trigger word" — something clear and authoritative like, "When I say the word 'jackpot,' you will have an orgasm."

The rest of the tape proceeds as you might expect; the hypnotist will continue to construct their fantasy (often in the form of a immersive narrative, such as a filthy sorority), doling out dirty talk the same way your average phone sex operator would. After about 25 minutes or so, they'll say the trigger word, ("jackpot," "abracadabra," etc.), and ideally, you'll immediately have an orgasm, no manual stimulation required.

This might sound like nonsense — and to be honest, it very well may be. While hypnosis has been used for centuries for both recreational and rehabilitative purposes (for instance, to cure smoking or lose weight), there have actually been very few large-scale studies to determine its efficacy, so it's an open question as to whether it actually works.

Further, most erotic hypnotists on YouTube are uncredentialed and do not belong to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), so it certainly shouldn't be considered a form of clinical treatment.

But in theory, according to Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist who studies sexual behavior at the independent research Liberos LLC, a hypnotic orgasm is totally on the table. "We literally don't know how orgasm is triggered," she tells Men's Health. "We have it up to, 'And then, magic happens!' Until we understand more about that, anything is possible."

According to Prause, there's no scientific reason why someone can't have an orgasm without stimulation.

In fact, through her analysis of our brains, humans probably train themselves to "exert some control" over their own sexual pleasure, and perhaps someday when we understand the triggers better, we'll all be able to have instant orgasms on demand (think the Orb scene in Sleeper).

Still, it's a pretty big leap to say that hypnosis can definitely trigger climax, and Prause maintains that nobody has ever witnessed a truly hands-free orgasm in a clinical setting.

That said, there are plenty of people in communities like r/HypnoGoneWild and r/EroticHypnosis who claim they've managed to climax through words alone.

One of them is a redditor named Joe* (name has been changed), who tells me he discovered erotic hypnosis two years ago and had an orgasm on his first try. "It worked much better than I could ever have imagined," he says. "It was as intense and fulfilling as good fellatio."

In fact, Joe says that one of the things that make his hands-free orgasms unique is their lack of an accompanying refractory period. That's right: he says he doesn't have a cooldown period in between orgasms.

"What I get through hypnosis does not diminish my arousal or ability to perform like a traditional orgasm would," he says. "In fact, I can masturbate to a climax afterwards, if I am so inclined."

Or you could also just keep using your hands. Either one, really.

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