In a YouTube video posted yesterday, Dr. Pimple Popper-aka, dermatologist and TLC host Dr. Sandra Lee, MD-gave fans a look at one of her most intense procedures of all-time, as she wrestled with a basketball-size lipoma protruding from a patient's side.

If yesterday's epic, 30-minute video left you wondering how things would turn out for the anonymous patient in question, fear not: Part two of the procedure dropped today. The newest YouTube video -The Liberating Lipoma, Part Two-offers a look at the dramatic conclusion, picking up where Dr. Lee left off. (Fair warning: The procedure is pretty grisly, even for those with a high tolerance for innards and bodily fluids and whatnot.)

Using a pair of scissors, Dr. Lee methodically cuts away at the mass, which appears to be located on the patient's back, a common location for lipomas. (As we noted yesterday, lipomas are simply benign fatty growths typically located between the skin and muscle, according to the Mayo Clinic . In less dramatic cases, people sometimes leave them untreated, but it's understandable why this is an exception.)

As if there was any doubt, the video concludes with a happy ending: Dr. Lee stitches her patient up-calling her a "trooper." Photographs shown 10 days later reveal her back looking normal and healthy, with hardly any sign of the procedure having taken place. And for those who are truly curious, the doctor spends the final minutes of the clip analyzing the six-pound lipoma in detail, explaining what it's made from and how it forms, in addition to a series of happy before and after photos.