Superhero fit workout of the day: kettlebell halos

Kettlebell halos won't actually turn you into a celestial being-but the shoulder workout the exercise will give you is downright heavenly.

All you need is a kettlebell to drill down on shoulder rotation and stability, which makes the kettlebell halo a go-to move for superhero trainer Don Saladino, who has helped to whip Ryan Reynolds, David Harbour, and Sebastian Stan into fighting shape.

Saladino told that he loves the kettlebell halo because of the wide range of benefits that come from the relatively simple move.

"[The exercise] improves thoracic mobility, shoulder range of motion, and doesn’t put a lot strain on the shoulder joints while strengthening that whole area (shoulder, back, and arms)," he said.


"It also trains internal and external rotation of the shoulder joint and scapular rhythm, which are qualities of healthy shoulders."

To perform the exercise, grab a lightweight kettlebell by the handle with both hands and an overhand grip. The bulk of the weight can be above (as demonstrated by Saladino in the video) or below your hands, and you can stand or kneel, depending on your own preference.

Raise the kettlebell to your chest. While squeezing your glutes and core to maintain a solid base, rotate your shoulders to circle the weight around your head and back to the original position. Perform the movement again, but in the other direction. That's one rep.

Remember, keep the weight light here. You're working to hone your flexibility and balance here as much as you're building strength. Just because the motion is simple doesn't mean you can concentrate on form any less, either-be careful to move deliberately, never just throwing the kettlebell around your head.

You can add kettlebell halos as a warmup or cool-down for your next upper body workout. Try three sets of 10 to 12 reps per side, keeping form your number one priority.


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