Slather it on your skin and channel the Snapchat star

As if music producer/Snapchat mogul DJ Khaled wasn’t busy enough releasing hit records and coining meme-worthy catchphrases, today he partnered with Palmer’s to release his own line of cocoa butter.

It’s an on-brand move for the guy who posts almost-daily snaps of himself slathering the lotion on his shirtless, hairy body after a shower. The man has a passion for soft skin.

Khaled swears by cocoa butter for smooth skin, and his application advice is pretty accurate: Apply the lotion all over right after a shower, when your skin will absorb the most amount of moisture.

Just make sure your shower isn’t too hot—steamy water drains the moisture from your skin, making you feel itchy and dry.

Keep the temperature at a comfortable lukewarm, pat your skin dry (don’t rub), and apply lotion generously for best results.

But for Khaled, it’s not just about grooming. It’s about not letting the haters get you down.

Apply the lotion any time “there’s negative energy around,” he told Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. “You gonna be good.”