5 awesome ideas for mompreneurs to make the extra cash

Juggling between work and home management is a difficult task but stay-mom makes it look very easy.

Stay-at-home mom is a full time job

There is a common notion that stay-home moms are lazy. But have you asked yourself who gets all the house chores done perfectly when you wake up and go to your fancy offices?

It is the stay-home mom who plans, organises and executes every task in the home. Sometimes, they even prepare ahead of your meeting by washing and ironing your apparel and wake up early enough to be on time.

Being a stay-home mother can be a job full-time without a salary and or the respect it should come with. Low self-esteem can set in when she has to beg her husband for money to fix her hair and sew dresses for her outings.

Say no to idleness, get a hustle-free job, be a superhero for your kids and pamper yourself with gifts.

  • Write a recipe book

Are you not fed up with eating jollof rice and gravy stew or boiled yam and garden eggs stew? What are some of the unique ways to modify the traditional dishes we are used to?

When the kids go to school, stay home mothers can create new recipes, prepare it and invite friends and family to try it. 

After countless experiments, the right recipe will be made known. While you are making sweet memories by preparing food for the family, you will hit the jackpot when the book is out. Take behind the scene videos and photos to show to the world when the book becomes an instant hit.

  • Babysit

Do you love children? Make money from what you love doing best. Definitely, there is a new mother in your locality or church who needs someone to take care of her child when she goes to work. Manage your time well, execute all your task and enjoy a lovely afternoon with the child. Take pictures and videos to show to your next client.

  • Personal shopper

Some mothers know the length and breadth of the market; where to get cheaper prices. She can shop for other mothers, especially the working-class mothers who need clothing, grocery and other things at a discount price. She can either add an amount as her profit or charge a percentage of the total amount as her profit.

  • Mentoring 

You don’t need a PHD to be a mentor! Experience is the best teacher. Invite women from diverse profession and organise seminars for new mothers, newlyweds or the youth on how to deal with challenges as a new mom, spice up their relationship or choose a career respectively. 

  • Janitory services

One of the traits of a good mother is the ability to tidy up and declutter. Take up a janitor job in any establishment to earn a motherly salary. If you are living with your partner, wake up very early, go to work and get home before your family wakes up around 5 am to 6 am. Usually, the work involves sweeping, dusting, mopping and emptying bins which she does at home every day. You can either establish your own cleaning service or work for someone.

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