Your first week in the university is going to be freaking awesome and annoying! Whatever part of the cake you get to taste first, just be hopeful that the better or worse is yet to come.

Here is how your typical first week in most Ghanaian universities would look like…

OMG! I forgottobring tomy…..

You’re nervous about leaving home, most likely far away and you’ve gone through your checklist of items you’d need a million times.

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You’re absolutely convinced that you’ve packed everything you need. However, you get to your room, start unpacking and you’re completely disappointed.

How could you have missed all those items? Almost every freshman seems to forget some very basic stuff they need for school and the annoying part is not that you won’t get one on campus. They just cost ten times the amount.

Why does every place look the same?

In most Ghanaian universities, the architecture of the school is such that most colleges, departments, hall of residence and the general environmental outlook are very similar.

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So the road you just took a couple of minutes ago is surely not the one you think you’re taking now.

Therearejust toomanylong queueseverywhere

Congratulations! You made it to Ghana’s premier university and you did all your registration online. But this won’t always be the case.

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Students in big campuses all over the country would have to stand and wait in long queues for simple endorsement, room allocation, paying hall dues, registering for your departments and just about everything.

Cheer up! And get your legs ready…

Please do you know….? And a billion other questions…

In your first week of university, unless you were born on campus, you’d flawlessly learn to ask everyone about everything! Please, do you know where this or that is?

You’d feel like a total stranger everywhere, even in your hall of residence.

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Finding the washroom might even be a struggle. That is totally fine…but this is where you mess up. Never ask another freshman for any location or help about the school.

Most of them don’t know. If you want to keep a ‘go-to travel map’ it surely shouldn’t be a freshman.

There is nothing like free registration…

No freshman plans for the uncountable number of registration dues they are bound to pay.

But now that you’re aware, budget for out-of-the blue registrations that would hit you like the rain.

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Somehow, the arrival of freshman is harvest season for departments and clubs and organizations and halls of residence. Brace yourself, you’re ripe and ready to be harvested.

Raise thebanners high.Yourewelcome

No one might actually tell you that you’re welcome but trust me, the banners screaming at you everywhere is loud enough to make you hear that you’re being ushered into a new community.

Most of the nice ladies and gentlemen who actually come to you to greet you and start lovely conversations with you, don’t necessarily like you.

They are just one of the many aspirants who would want your vote. You would soon see their ‘welcome to school’ banners too.

You’ll signup to 50 clubs

One of the most frustrating things about your first-week experience is everyone wanting to have ‘a minute of your time’.

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They are reps of the clubs, organizations and religious denominations on campus.

Everyone would tell you why they have the best and most exciting activities and they would not go away till they take your contact and room numbers and visit you at ungodly hours.

Course registration stress and timetable wahala

Again, refuse the temptation to ask your newbie friend which courses to register.

If you’re the DIY kind of person, visit your university website and download a copy of the Student Handbook and College Handbook and stress your way out to identify the required and optional courses for the semester.

However, if you prefer to ask, then ask the right person. Go to your college or department and ask a staff or student executive for advice.

Never ask your friends if you don’t want to have wrong timetables and miss your first class.