Hushpuppi, Lagos big boy, shares motivational message with his followers

Hushpuppi outdoors his new toy, a bespoke black badge Rolls-Royce Wraith with a powerful motivational message for his Instagram followers. 


The socialite has no qualms living large both home in Nigerian and abroad. Hushpuppi’s latest acquisition sent him on a powerful speech for his followers. 

Along with a pic of himself in a purple customized Versace robe and black badge Rolls-Royce Wraith, he added a touching message encouraging his fans to never lose hope in themselves. 

He wrote, “This post is to everyone who has been made to feel low about themselves … I want you to know today that as long as you don’t see yourself as low as they make you seem, as long as you have a valid dream and work hard, and most importantly if you believe in God, you can achieve anything and everything.”


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