How to plan a cheap Christmas party for children

Follow these tips to plan an unforgettable Christmas party


Christmas is all sharing what you have with others; family, friends, and neighbors.

Everybody loves a party, but most especially Christmas parties. It's an event that brings together people to celebrate the holidays and the blessings of the year.

For a successful end of year bash for children on low budget, follow these simple tips to plan an unforgettable party.

  • Date

Most families and offices organize parties during Christmas to dine and share and create new memories. If you don’t want your party to flop, choose the right date for your party and end the year on a good note.

  • Invitation

Employ the services of a friend designer to design an invitation card. Share videos and artwork on all your social media handles and tag your friends'  seeking for sponsorship. Friends for pro bono, right?

  • Venue

Some individuals and institutions are making fortune for renting out their space to others for events.

If you have a spacious compound in your house, all you need is table and chairs.

To save cost on renting, talk to your local pastor about your intentions to dine with some members of the congregation and friends from your neighborhood. He will give you permission to use the church compound plus free tables and chairs.

There are different ways to making money to support a good project. Print tally cards and give it out to the children to seek for funds.

You can also entertain people and make money simultaneously.  Organise concert to raise funds, the children will perform the 9 carols and other stories from the bible along the streets with supervision.

The vocalists can also lighten up the place with their angelic voices which will touch the hearts of audience to donate. Some can also sponsor with products and services.

  • Decoration

The children can think outside the box and make decorations with colour papers, ribbons, and balloons under the supervision and guidance of an adult.

  • Food and drinks

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Talk to caterers, chef, and people who are into a charity to give you discounts on the prices of items on their children’s menu.

Buy drinks at the depots in bulk for lower prices and also prepare sobolo and smoothie to provide various options for the children to choose from.

  • Fun activities

Aside from the drama, singing, and dancing, you can also invite some adults to inspire the children on their career choices.

They will talk about their ups and downs of their various professional and the sacrifices they made to reach where they are now. Make the day memorable by inviting some comedians to share healthy Christian jokes.

  • Souvenirs

This is the perfect time to try your hands on some DIY like Christmas ornaments and cards. You could also hand out some edible treats such as holiday cookies all packaged in some pretty favour bags.

Use some of the money you got from the fundraising to print customised exercise books for the kids if possible.


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