Some jobs require an applicant to be a good orator and an excellent writer before he/she can even apply, let alone excel in it.

However, such conditions don’t apply to all jobs. Some require more brawns and wit rather than academic excellence to thrive.

We, therefore, looked at some of these jobs you can make it in without being the best in the English language.

  • Footballer

To become a professional footballer, it has to do with your talent and dribbling skills than how good you can rattle the Queen's language. Most Ghanaian footballers have gone on and dominated headlines across the world without being able to speak good grammar.

  • Security personnel

Security guards in this part of the world are mainly reserved for those on the lower side of the educational ladder. Higher academic qualifications are not the prerequisite for one to land a security job.

  • Mechanic

Most people that drop out of school after the junior high and elementary levels take to learning a trade and being a mechanic is one of the highest crafts they engage in. Excelling in it has little to do with English proficiency around these parts.

  • Bakers

Most bakers perfect their craft by mastering their recipes to make their pastries more delicious. Passing a reading or writing exam before one can be employed in such a field is very rare in Ghana.

  • Petty Traders

It must be said though that as a petty trader, calculation and learning the basic rudiments of adding things up is important. However, a high level of proficiency can be an afterthought as it is not that required for one to excel in this field.