Spare me the budget talk

Let’s get real, budgets are mostly overrated and unrealistic.

Undoubtedly, most of us could probably stand to spend less. But why force yourself to stick to an impracticable budget that leaves us no breathing space for other indulgences.

How many of us actually draw out budgets plans when you get that notification of the monthly salary in your account? Someway or somehow we still spend comfortability within our means.

"The third rule of budgeting states: Make plans based on your real life, not how you wish life would be. Don't budget for possible salary increases and ideal spending habits.

If you spend money on coffee every day, make that part of your budget. If you haven't received a raise at work, don't count that in your income. The budget for reality, not wishful thinking."

Well definitely, it is pertinent to cut down expenses when you live above your earnings. Truth is, making a too-tight budget usually flop or fail.

Eventually, our desire to spend will catches up with your desire to save. If you don't have any guidelines established, you risk completely overspending and busting your budget but it should not be too tight to leave your finances breathless.


It is quite a moment when we spend a thousand instead of the hundred we budgeted for. Realism is not what is drafted in the list but wishful thoughts.

It's best to give yourself a little breathing room and use money as desired wisely, possibly without a tight budget list so you don't risk blowing up later.


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