9 simple ways to make extra money off your friend’s wedding

Use your smartphone to take photos and send immediately via WhatsApp for a fee.

It’s your friend’s wedding but you also have bills to pay. He or she can cut you some slack after helping them months ahead with their wedding preparation.

You stood solidly behind them from the dressing fitting to food tasting, searching for a venue and right colors for decoration and all the other elements of a successful wedding.

Here are nine genius way to make money in a day.

  • Makeup

Some Ghanaian women simply can’t take selfies without makeup. However, not every woman can apply makeup like a pro especially when it comes to drawing their eyebrows and contouring. Take advantage and get your brow pencil, concealer, face definer ready to add glam to their wedding look.

  • Photography

If you own a smartphone with high resolution you can easily make extra cash at your friend’s wedding. Quite simple; take a photo of wedding guests with or without filters and immediately send via WhatsApp or Bluetooth to them for a fee.

Make sure to share some nice photos of yourself on social media using the couple’s hashtags. Also, tell your new clients to tell their friends and family present about your small gig.


Phone charging

Most people are addicted to their phones. They frequently check and re-check their mobile phones even when they are at church or crossing the road. Regardless of the phones that they are using, the batteries won’t last a day. We are all witnesses to how long wedding last this day.

The brides are usually late and the preaching last forever followed by order of photography. Before the reception starts, pass around a short stylish printed note telling the guests about your services. Charge their phones for 30 minutes or more for some Ghanaian cedis.

  • Rent your car

Fortunately for you, if your friend doesn’t have a car, you can happily lease your car for a fee lesser than what the rental company charges. If they have a car, there is still a probability that they might need it to run errands on their big day.

  • Use your car as uber

When the couple announces the date and venue for the wedding are out, create your own poster advertising your transport system. Find a popular spot where people can easily identify and join your car or bus to the wedding venue. The couple will be thankful for your creativity and services.

  • Sell kelewele

Kelewele; fried ripe plantain has come to stay in Ghana. Due to the duration of a wedding these days, some people don’t cook when they get home because they have to prepare for the week.


Spicy and assorted kelewele is the best food they have to consume when they get home tired and stressed out. They can also sip smoothies or nonalcoholic beverage as they lounge at home.

  • Boozing bar

Most couples don’t serve alcoholic beverages at their weddings. Let’s be real; men love to drink on a weekend especially when their best friend has left the bachelors club.

They have to drink their sorrow away and wish him at the best. Take advantage of the situation, create a mobile bar at your car boot and make extra cash for the week ahead.

  • Takeaway packs

Women always love to sneak snacks and fried chicken in their bags when they attend events. This is common among the mothers who leave their children home. Either you pack some of the party food or buy some for them on your way home.

Communicate with the chef or caterer during the engagement about your intentions of selling plastic bowls during the wedding just in case someone take their food home or package their leftover food.

  • Sell credit

This is the easy way to make money. Get the GH10, GHC 20 and GH50 credits and give to the ushers to sell for you.


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