Over 168,000 Ghanaian married women cheat on their husbands — Report

It is true that some married women may engage in extramarital affairs.


The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has reported that over 168,000 married women cheat on their husbands.

According to the 2022 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey from the GSS, 3.8% of married women in Ghana have had an extramarital affair.

Only 0.9% of married women reported having two or more partners. Among divorced/separated/widowed women in Ghana, 4.0% have multiple partners, and 46.6% have engaged in sexual intercourse outside of marriage or cohabitation.

Additionally, 3.5% of women aged 15-24 have multiple partners, while 46.1% have had sexual encounters with individuals not their husbands or cohabitants.


However, the report indicated that 17.5% of married Ghanaian men engage in extramarital relationships.

It said out of every 10 have two or more partners outside of their marital union.

A startling revelation from the survey is that 17.5% of married Ghanaian men engage in extramarital relationships.

This translates to about two out of every ten married men having more than one sexual partner outside their marriage.

The data further breaks down to show that 18.4% of these married men have been sexually active with individuals other than their spouses.


The prevalence of multiple sexual partners isn’t limited to married men; it extends to 18.7% among those who are divorced, separated, or widowed, with a significant 69.9% admitting to sexual intercourse outside marriage.


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